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Ballroom Dances

Imagine the feeling of floating across the ballroom dance floor, moving in time to the music with your partner matching you step for step, in unison. Surrounded by men in tuxedos and women in beautiful ball gowns, everyone caught up in the romance of the evening; not a trace of even the most stressful of days remains, only emotion, music and movement. The smooth style ballroom dances like the Waltz, Foxtrot and Viennese Waltz are in continuous motion, flowing counter-clockwise around the room with characteristics of rise and fall, elegant, flowing patterns and sophisticated expression and style.

Now picture yourself dancing to the high energy, flirtatious, sexy Latin music completely in sync with your partner's every move. From head to toe, dancing as one, in the fun and fast, energetic swing; acting as if you were long-time "Latin lovers" in the sexy, romantic rhythmic Rumba or Bolero. When the fast and flirty Latin Samba, Cha Cha, Bolero or Mambo is playing you will never want to miss a chance to dance, express yourself and get lost in the delight of the moment. Rhythm dances are characterized by Latin hip motion, flashy, fun and sexy patterns that revolve around you and your partner instead of moving around the room.

One of the things that makes learning to dance so easy and efficient at Fred Astaire Dance Studio is the ability of our instructors to teach students "how to dance" by focusing on how the elements of dancing appear in every dance and are common to all forms of dance. Time saved by teaching the elements of dance in an inter-related format and applying them to each dance as they are learned develops a better, more confident dancer in much shorter time. Teaching students how to dance in this manner is by far a more advanced and accomplished way to communicate the nuances of social partnership dancing.

Once the basics are introduced, continued instruction employs the Conceptual Method of Teaching and the "transferable concepts" that it emphasizes. The Conceptual Method of Teaching focuses on the rapport between the instructors and their students. This rapport enables the transference of the emotional expressions of dance from teacher to students as well as continuing to develop their knowledge of partnership and the characteristic style of each of the dances.

I was introduced to the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Eagan via an online promotion. Having never learned to dance as a youth, I felt very uncomfortable (terrified is probably more accurate) when my wife would drag me out to the dance floor at weddings, when a slow song would come on. She loves to dance & I would shuffle around until the song ended. I had considered taking dance lessons in the past and decided to give it a try. My experience has been nothing but positive, from the very first call to redeem the online promotion and getting directions to present day.

In a few short months, I have learned so much from the instructors. They are immensely encouraging and supportive, yet challenging me to do more than I thought I ever would. I recently participated in the holiday show and danced a Waltz with my instructor. It was a BLAST! There was such a feeling of community with the other students as we cheered each other on. With every lesson, I gain a little more confidence; however, my favorite thing is dancing with my wife and seeing the joy it brings her. They even say that a smile has been seen on my face a time or two. Seriously though, I would recommend the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Eagan to everyone!

Ed White

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